*It was released on exclusive by the online platform of Rolling Stone magazine on the 3rd of December.

*With this single, they say goodbye to Gil Cervantes, and welcome Isaías Flores as their new trumpeter.

*The band from Jalisco will visit the country’s capital on the 10th of December to offer a concert.

México, Guadalajara. November 2015. After having done 10 videos for their album “El Rey Del Camino”, between airports, roads and hotels, the band Troker let their spontaneity flow on the making of the video for “Claroscuro”, the third single of their new album “Crimen Sonoro”, which they had only 24 hours to record.

The single was released on an exclusive by the online platform of Rolling Stone magazine, and it also gave a name to the band’s world tour. The shooting of the video took place at a restaurant that the band found aesthetically correct for the atmosphere of the video. They were given only 24hours to shoot.

“We chose the song “Clarosuro” for one simple reason: it’s simplicity. This is a piece that seems to flow naturally, with not too many changes in the structure as compared with the rest of the album, but with a very special groove. So, that’s how we turned the lights on and started to shoot the video. Everything naturally”.

This video is the last work that the band does accompanied by Gil Cervantes, Troker’s trumpeter from march 2007 to January 2015. He’s leaving the band to formalize his career as a cultural promoter.

This December Troker will travel to the U.S to make a short residence at the Center of Contemporary Art of New Orleans but before that, they will participate at the Performing Arts encounter produced by CONACULTA.

In this encounter, they are hoping to contact new festival producers from around the world but with a particular interest in Mexicans, because one of the band’s objectives for 2016 is to have more concerts in their country and to take their music to every state of Mexico.

Troker has more than 10 years sharing ideas and stages, but it has been only in the last five years that the efforts of the band have been focused on their international development, which has aloud them to travel to 15 countries and to give more than 80 concerts around the world on the last 24 months.

As an independent band, everything has been managed from their office in Guadalajara; they have important alliances and agencies in Brazil, the U.S, Canada and Europe and are just starting to look for opportunities in Asia.

On the summers of 2013 and 2014 Troker performed at the mythical Glastonbury festival, in England, in one of the main stages, the West Holts stage; this year, they didn’t make it to Pilton’s farm, but they accomplished another dream offering two concerts at one of the most important jazz festivals of the world, the International Jazz Festival of Montreal.

Crimen Sonoro is an album thought-out to be played live, with pieces with a strong character and a lot to say. The first video clip of this album was “Principe Charro” which contains images from Troker’s first European tour.

Besides working on some of the themes that may be included on their next album, the band is preparing songs to have collaboration with some national and international artist.

Also, they have been recording some homemade videos for the “Troker-Tips”, short videos that can be found on their You tube channel and in the rest of their social media.

They also have a blog, which contains both funny and informative entrances. Some international reviews about “Crimen Sonoro”: “Somehow Troker is able to create a disciplined and compact high energy sound from a variety of influences that, until Crimen Sonoro, have not been very well acquainted with each other” – The New Cork City Jazz Record

“The restless listeners, would find few national productions this 2014 that are so rich, stimulating and shakers as Crimen Sonoro”- Letras Libres.

“The production of Crimen Sonoro it’s already among the best albums of the year, period” – World Beat Canada

Crimen Sonoro was awarded a “Pluma” for best jazz-fusion album at the IMAS’s 2015. This prize celebrates the best of the independent music scene in Mexico.