Touring is always a good thing for a musician or a band. However, this great experience can become less memorable if you do not plan your trip thinking that you’re going on tour, not on vacation. Here we share 14 things that have worked for us on tour and helped us to enjoy them.

1. You have to take advantage of every free moment to sleep, no matter where you are.


2. Sometimes you’ll have to do things you may regret to get some money, especially if the country where you are driving in Euros. Use your talent, takes the streets and get baro!


3. Try the cuisine of each country, every place has something to teach you and surprise you. Just take enough salt grapes!

Local food

4. Make friends and Keep them. Creating a support network anywhere you go facilitates your return in the following years, and also makes it cheaper and enjoyable!


5. Always carry a flag of your country, be proud!


6. If you are going to party in the venue where you played have a good time but don’t get too drunk: the image of the group will also include these later times. Take lots of fun, but do not bog.


7. Your manager and a good social media strategy is essential when you go on tour to capitalize on what you do on stage.


8. Leave something in the communities you visit, especially if they are in a difficult situation. Dedicating a day to take your music to people in need is not only rewarding for you, it also means a lot to them and you’ll end up having the best experiences of the trip.


9. A jacket with a hood and a mask becomes a highly-rated element during travel, always try to carry at least one of each.


10. Travel as light as possible. Share suitcase, wearing just the basics and if traveling with instruments not forget that a good hard case is a basic step to survive the long trip (and if they have strings, be sure to loosen them to avoid accidents).

Luggage and instruments

11. Discover other cultures and places. Tourism is part of the tour, do not stay locked up and enjoy what each country has to offer.


12. Interact with local musicians. Take advantage of your trip to see what is being done elsewhere and incorporate it to your musical knowledge, relate to musicians whose talent inspires you and use these relationships to continue growing as a band.

With local musicians

13. Check the status of the climate of the country or countries you visit before leaving and bring appropriate clothing. If you do not, you risk having to improvise.

Czech climate

14. Have a GREAT time!