In the beginning of the XXth century, movies were all about telling stories without words. Using only images and some texts, actors and moviemakers produced masterpieces, but it was the live music that accompanied each projection in the Mexican movie theaters the element that gave the movies intensity and emotion.

Troker was invited by La Cineteca Nacional to rescue and honor this tradition by composing a score and creating a show for one of Mexico’s most iconic silent movies: “El Automóvil Gris” (The gray automobile) a piece that was released in 1919 and is based on a true story that took place in Mexico city during the years of the Mexican revolution.

The result is “Troker y El Automóvil Gris”, a piece that has been presented around the world in countries like Spain, Colombia, England and the United States and that will arrive to Guadalajara on the 20th of February to bring a unique time-traveling experience for Tapatios, where they will enjoy the silent movie experience with one of the best films of the history of Mexican cinema and one of the best instrumental bands of the country.

With the collaboration of the cartoonist “Trino” with the graphics for the movie and of “Bushido Entretenimiento”, this show promises to be a different and exiting experience that will take the attendants back in time. The appointment is at 21:00 o’clock at the “Teatro Diana” and the tickets are now available on Ticketmaster.