The band

Troker export their music direct from the Tequila land, Guadalajara, Mexico, to the world; without a doubt this is “One of the twenty Mexican artists breaking the borders”: Rolling Stone Mexico.

The fusion of instrumental sounds they have created, comes from jazz, funk, progressive, rock and the popular tradition of mariachi, all this collided by a turntable that throws scratches as fresh whiffs into this peculiar mix.

At times, this proposal is sublime and at other is dangerous; it’s been said that is “Noisy, chaotic, sprawling, messy, all together is wonderful”: All About Jazz.

Far from jazz for elevators, Troker manages to travel in complete freedom between the complex and the precise, creating “immediately infectious tunes and energetic live show”: The Huffington Post.

From its conception, this was a project to do things differently, something like a laboratory of crazy ideas; the result is unconventional, and “describing Troker as a Mexican jazz band, does not even cover the musical punch that these guys have”: NPR.

They have performed in 19 countries outside Mexico, offered more than 150 international concerts and are the only Mexican band that has played twice at the Glastonbury Festival, as well as Vive Latino and the Montreal Jazz Festival, just to mention a few. They are a powerful expression of contemporary Mexico.


Troker is world-class jazz band; six musicians from different parts of Mexico with different influences but the same goal of creating mesmerizing rhythms and present unrepeatable live act experiences.
“Noisy, chaotic, sprawling, messy, and altogether wonderful” -All About Jazz.
A Fusion of jazz, funk, DJ scratching and the tradition of mariachi horns; this band is a contemporary expression of the Mexican music scene, with a sound that travels between the sublime and dangerous. That is why if Salvador Dali ever made a heist movie, then Mexico’s Troker would have been the soundtrack; developed in the land of tequila, their live act has reached 15 countries in the last years.
“Somehow Troker is able to create a sound from a variety of influences that until now, have not been very well acquainted with each other” -NYC Jazz Record.
Since coming to the jazz scene in Guadalajara in 2004, Troker was like a breath of fresh air. The frenetic grooves and playful jam sessions made them one of the favorite bands in the growing jazz scene in the city and soon began to attract national media attention and share the stage -even before having a record- with international jazz exponents. But it was until 2007 with the release of their first album “Jazz Vinil” that the band decided to make from Troker a way of living.
Troker’s desire has always been composing instrumental music, free of labels, sounds that all together express who they are and where they come from, so at some point in their creative process, involving rock, progressive and hip hop into their music was totally natural; this is how the sound of the band is transformed with each album and cultivates their own possibilities to compose music with so much identity.
This artistic flexibility is one of their great strengths, Troker adapts to venues and festivals of jazz, rock and world music; and when Troker plays, it’s impossible not to listen.
We’re talking about a band that is much more than a group of musicians promoting records; the six musicians are concerned about their community and have worked with plastic artists, filmmakers and advertisers. They support actively music education, participate economically in the Mexican creative industries and are always doing social service.
Troker is the only Mexican band that has been official selection in the most important music markets of jazz & world music in Europe: Womex & JazzAhead.
In the past two years they have reach MORE THAN 96 international concerts; but definitely the highlight came when they were invited for the second time to the Glastonbury Festival, being the first band to appear consecutively in the official poster.
Among the most important concerts are:
Glastonbury Festival. Pilton, England.
The Kennedy Center. Washington, USA.
Winter Jazz Fest. New York, USA.
SXSW. Austin, USA.
Festival Jazz of Montreal, Vancouver & Victoria, Canada.
Jazz Fest Wien / Porgy & Bess. Vienna, Austria.
Edinburg Jazz Festival. Edinburg, Scotland.
Fano by the Sea. Fano, Italy.
Estival Jazz Festival. Mendrisio, Switzerland.
Jazz Na Fabrica. Sao Pablo, Brazil.
Haus del Kulturen der Welt. Berlin, Germany.
Festival Musicas do Mundo. Sines, Portugal.
Grand Performances. Los Angeles, USA.
International Arts Festival. San Jose, Costa Rica.
Jazz al Parque Festival. Bogota, Colombia.
RichMix Theater. London, England.
Lent Festival. Maribor, Slovenia.
Contemporary Arts Center. New Orleans, USA.
Festival Cruilla. Barcelona, Spain.
“Muscular and brainy, this tight little band shows how to mine the culturally rich tradition of Mexican music and work it ingeniously into fusion jazz” –Something Else.
“Troker wants to prove that Mexico is much more than violence, drugs and extortion. Improvised numbers such as “Principe Charro” are the ideal cultural messengers” –Vienna Jazz Festival.
“Cohesive and balanced piece of art” –DooBeeDooBeeDoo NYC.
“The sextet stands as the guide and leader of the jazz fusion scene in Mexico” –David Cortes/Nexos.
“Like if their sound was a hook, it engages their audiences” –Milenio.
“Think Zappa meets Hermeto Pascoal” –Downbeat Magazine.
“A functional combination between: talent, perseverance and work… lots of work” –Eric Montenegro/Music:Life.
“It revolutions your guts and brains at the same time” –Antonio Malacara/La Jornada.
“See them play live is a passionate experience” –Conaculta
“One of the best live act experiences in our country” –Warp
“The versatility of this band is admirable” –Rolling Stone Mexico