1-What does “Troker” mean and why did you choose this name for the band?
Troker is an invented word that derivates from the word “Troca”, which is a word used in the northen states of México to refer to pick up trucks and trailers. We chose this word to make the statement that our music was not “jazz for elevators” but something much more powerful, greasy, potent. The name was chosen when we just started rehearsing, less than two weeks after we first got together in Frankie’s house (back in the time where he was still single).
2- What’s the meaning of your logo?
The origin of our logo is very similar to the origin of our name. The image of the “Mudflat Girl” is an element that you can find printed on the mudflats of almost every single trailer or big truck both in the north states of Mexico and in the US. The story of this visual element is really funny (you can find out more HERE) and it’s undeniable that it has become a very important cultural symbol of the “trucking” industry since the 70’s. We adopted this image and reconstructed it with a pair of Mexican trenzas to use it as the logo of our band.
3- How did the band form?
Whenever you are in the need of money, you do whatever it takes to get it. The band was born because of the existence of this basic need in conjunction with the desire of making music for a living. As months began to pass, the brilliant improvisation sessions we were having made us decide, with the help of our now producer, to make of Troker something official, a real project. We all come from these two previous projects: Eva Malva and Plastiko.
4- How would you explain your music to someone who has never listened to it?
We make music that mixes jazz structures with other rhythms, like rock, funk and even a little of cumbia. It’s hard to explain, we would rather tell that someone to listen to it, because we don’t have any label to categorize it.
5- What is your mission?
Our mission is to create music with great quality and to give people amazing experiences with every single one of our projects.
6- What is the vision you have of Troker?
A band that finds in instrumental music a way of expression and that transcends the world representing the value that we feel the most identified with: family (because we sure are a family)
7- What was your first concert ever?
Our first real gig took place at a now extinct bar of Guadalajara called “La Puerta 22”. The problem was that we didn’t know how much people to expect (because so far, we had only played a couple of times at some small bars and restaurants), so we decided we wouldn’t pull in any money from that gig. For our surprise, the place got completely full and there were people sitting everywhere, even under the tables! This happened sometime in 2004.
8- What is your dream as a band?
To get old and continue to make music together
9-What happened with Gilberto, your original trumpeter?
His work as a cultural promoter of jazz has taken him to follow a different pad. Due to the amount of time and energy that running a civil association requires and of the level of commitment that Troker needs, doing both things turned out to be impossible for Gil, he decided to quit de band to get his foundation “Tónica” running 100%.
10- Are Troker and Trioker the same band?
All the musicians that conform Troker also have other projects on their own. DJ Zero is a very successful DJ that has been invited to perform with very important groups, such as Cypress Hill. Christian has a blues band called “Bourbon Street Trio” and they play regularly at different bars of Guadalajara. Samo, Frankie and Tibu created “Trioker”, a jazzy and incredible trio cover band. They play at bars and restaurants and in social events such as weddings or parties. These three also have another project called “Los Rabiosos del Norte”, where they use the sound of vernacular music from the north of the country to play covers.
11- What is your inspiration as a band?
More than being influenced by other musical projects, a musician’s creativity feeds from what he enjoys lo listen to. Among this music that we love to listen to we have: MEDESKI, MARTIN & WOOD, SEX MOB, LOUNGE LIZARDS, FRANK ZAPPA, KING CRIMSON, THE MARS VOLTA, MILES DAVIS, JOHN COLTRANE, HERMETO PASCOAL, PEREZ PRADO, TOWER OF POWER, THELONIOUS MONK, PINK FLOYD, SCREAMING HEADLESS TORSOS, of course, the list could go on.